Our Team



T.j came to L.C.C. as minister in 2001. He is graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (2001), and Ozark Christian College (1995). He got lucky when his wife, Barbie, said “I do” in 1996 and has partnered in ministry with her ever since. The two have been blessed with 4 great kids, Micah, Ariella, Ethanah & Shirah. T.j preaches in a way that everyone can relate to. He enjoys using media, music, video, real life experiences and comic relief to bring the truth of Jesus Christ into your every day life. T.j enjoys being a great dad, sharing his love for Christ with others, watching movies, playing video games, & reading.


Scott came to L.C.C. in 2004 following a youth internship and position as Youth Minister in Huntington Beach, CA. He and his wife, Frances, have a passion for seeing young lives on fire for God. He enjoys leading youth to Christ and to a deeper relationship with Jesus in a personal way. He loves the multi-media realm and tries to integrate it into his lessons and classes. Scott enjoys watching sports, playing sports, and talking about sports. He is a great guy to stop by and visit in the summer because he loves to grill! (Try stopping by unexpectedly around 6 p.m.) Scott & Frances have been blessed with two sons, Elijah & Yonaton.


Frances joined L.C.C. with her husband in the summer of ’04. She volunteers her time & gifts as the Music Coordinator. Frances has her Bachelor of Music and Worship from Cincinnati Bible College and is an accomplished pianist. As Coordinator, she works with both ministers to plan for services each Sunday, then implements their ideas by relating them to the Music Team at practice each week. Frances’ hobbies include taking pictures of her sons, cooking, scrapbooking, gardening, fiddling with PhotoShop and making music.


Shannon is a native of Ohio, and began working at L.C.C. in 2003. She has one daughter, Morgan, and three sons Ian, Evan, and Owen. Shannon is the one you need to talk to if you want any specifics, dates times etc. She’s very good at having all that info. somewhere close by.

If you’d like to schedule the use of our facilities please contact her for availability by calling the church.  Your questions are important to us, if you do not reach anyone PLEASE leave a message so we can return your call.